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Large Power 2017-09-20 10:26:00

18650 battery Funsong battery Co.,ltd.is battery pack supplies in China. 

While the original release of the LG HG2 was in 2014, production has become available in Summer 2015. A 20 amp, 3000 mAh milestone is, in some way a holy grail of stats. A battery that can both be high-drain, and high-capacity is just what everyone wants. The LG HG2 can be seen as a 500mAh capacity upgrade from its predecessors the HE2/HE4 which also have a 20A discharge limit.

LG Chem is on a rolling schedule of releases and research, all planned years in advance. An average of between 6% and 10% increase in battery performance is expected, compounding yearly. That means, taking into account the battery specs and LG Chem's release schedule, the LG HG2 will likely be a good contender for one of the best 18650 battery for some months to come for high-drain applications.

That said, there are many cases where the newest 18650 battery with the latest specs never gains mass adoption. That can be due to a number of reasons including a quick upgraded release, unforeseen safety problems, supply chain insecurity, market ignorance, and so forth. It's for that reason I am not crowning the HG2 as the new king on specs alone.

To test that claim, I'll do the standard Battery Bro review:

  1. Take a look at the HG2 specification sheet
  2. Visually inspect the battery
  3. Do three discharge tests
  4. Unwrap the battery
  5. Determine whether the HG2 deserves a noble title