How to maintain electric vehicle lithium battery?

Large Power 2019-07-28 22:57:20
How to maintain electric vehicle lithium battery?

Fuel car attention and daily maintenance I believe that many car owners can be called "experts" level, but for the pure electric car daily maintenance you can understand how much?Like fuel cars, electric cars need maintenance.



How to maintain and maintain pure electric vehicles?What are the differences between it and the maintenance of traditional fuel cars?What should electric car owners pay attention to in the daily maintenance of electric car batteries?So what do you do?


1. Correct charging time

Under normal circumstances, the battery charge time in about 10 hours, to avoid overcharging.When you are ready to travel, you should arrange the charging on the way in advance, so as to avoid the shortage of power in the driving, which causes the battery to discharge excessively and seriously shorten the service life of the battery.


2, protect the mobile charger, try to avoid the charger bump vibration.In order to reduce the cost, most mobile chargers are not designed for high vibration resistance. After vibration, the internal potentiometer of many chargers will drift, leading to the drift of the whole parameter and abnormal charging.So, if you must use a mobile charger, try to wrap it in foam.In addition, when charging to ensure the charger ventilation, otherwise, not only affect the life of the charger, but also may occur thermal drift and affect the charging state, which will form damage to the battery.


3. It is strictly forbidden to store batteries in the state of power loss. Because the storage of batteries in the state of power loss is likely to cause sulfuric acid salinization.The longer the idle time, the heavier the battery damage.Therefore, when the battery is idle, it should be replenished once a month to maintain the healthy state of the battery.


4. Preheat the battery before going out

In winter, the electric car may be 70% electric the day before, but after a night to drive, unexpectedly found "leakage of electricity"!In fact, this is not "leakage of electricity", but "low temperature" caused by the problem.In the process of running an electric car, the battery is in the state of continuous discharge, during the discharge of the battery will be hot, so the battery itself is relatively hot, the battery voltage is relatively high, so, see the electric car is still more power.But after a cold winter night, when the battery has cooled down and the voltage has dropped, the BMS automatically adjusts the amount of power and range displayed.


5. Avoid large current discharge

Electric vehicle in the start, manned, uphill, try to avoid stepping on the acceleration, the formation of instantaneous large current discharge.Large current discharge may lead to lead sulfate crystallization, which will damage the physical properties of the battery plate.


6. Plan the driving distance and maintain sufficient electricity

Driving an electric car in the winter typically reduces the range by 10-20%, to about 15-30km.However, at present, charging piles and other supporting facilities have not been fully popularized, so it is necessary to plan the trip well before going out and keep room.Otherwise, the electric car battery flashing red light, and can not find a place to charge, then big trouble!


All of the above are just for the maintenance of battery pack. In other aspects, it needs regular maintenance just like traditional fuel cars, replacing air conditioner filter element every two years or 20,000 kilometers, replacing antifreeze and brake oil every two years or 40,000 kilometers, and checking chassis, lights, tires and other conventional parts every time.Electric cars are driven by the motor, so electric cars do not need oil, three filters, belt and other routine maintenance, only need to drive the battery pack and motor to carry out some routine inspection, and keep it clean, from this point of view, the maintenance of electric cars than traditional cars "save a lot of trouble".