Operation mistake area of lithium battery charge and discharge

Large Power 2019-07-28 23:02:12
Operation mistake area of lithium battery charge and discharge

■ activation of new batteries

Mistake: the new battery should be charged and discharged in cycles to activate the battery's performance.

The truth is: none of this is exactly a rumor.There is a time difference between the battery leaving the factory and the user's hands, as short as one month and as long as half a year.For batteries with a long time difference, the electrode material will be passivated. Therefore, the manufacturer suggests that the battery should be fully charged and discharged for 3-5 times for the first time, so as to eliminate the passivation of the electrode material and reach the maximum capacity.But usually manufacturers do not pay attention to remind consumers, here said the full charge and discharge should not be deep discharge, and should be controlled in 5%~8% can be.Otherwise a new battery is likely to die.

■ "first three" charge

Mistake: when a new battery bought back, the best three cycles of charge and discharge, charge time should be more than 12 hours, in order to activate the maximum efficiency of the battery.

The truth is: nickel metal hydride batteries need to be "replenished" and "trickled" in order to reach the perfect saturation state, which generally takes about five hours.At present, the "constant current" and "constant voltage" charging characteristics of lithium ion batteries control their deep charging time within 4 hours.Once full, the battery's internal protection circuit automatically stops charging, so this is unscientific and impractical.

Some people have experimented with cell phones.After the battery is fully charged with the brigade charger, switch to the seat charger to confirm the saturation level of the battery.When he found that the charger was still charging the battery, he thought the battery was still not saturated.In fact, this test method is not rigorous.The reason is that seat was electric lamp is not detect saturated or not, the only real standard, seat was electric voltage reference is not necessarily equal to the reference voltage of mobile phones, so when the mobile phone battery reaches saturation, seat was appliances may not think so, still recharged, but whether filling in, only oneself know it.

■ full charge after charge

Mistake: to charge the battery, charge full after 12 hours, this is conducive to enhance the saturation of the battery.

The truth is: in general, a good charger will automatically turn off the charging circuit after charging, with no current, even if the battery is left for another 10 hours.At present, most mobile phone chargers are sampling such designs.So when the green light comes on, just take the battery off and use it.