There are three taboos about the use of lithium batteries in electric vehicles

Large Power 2019-07-28 23:00:12
There are three taboos about the use of lithium batteries in electric vehicles

Lithium battery three taboos!

The first temperature, lithium battery afraid of high temperature.

Second big electric current, such as 18650 batteries is 3 c discharge, electric cars is 8000 w, you use the batteries is lower than your electric discharge current, it will lead to lithium battery temperature is too high, excessive current and short service life, still can appear beat scrap, if your electric power is very big, very fast, advised to choose a 10 c current 18650 batteries, so choose the right batteries obviously is very important!

The third is full of electricity storage, ternary lithium electricity electricity is 4.35 V, full protection board is currently on the market by charging 4.2 V, so a lot of people buy electric lithium battery all say no nominal capacity is much, in fact, it is for this reason, generally long time storage electric lithium battery, with less than 50 best TV, such as you buy a new phone, many of them are up fifty percent of the electricity.

If the full battery storage time is long, will let the lithium battery capacity reduce.Except lithium iron phosphate and lithium titanate, these two can be fully charged storage, but also need to pay attention to the selection of good quality protection plate, lithium battery is the biggest taboo is overloading, tri-lithium overloading is scrapped, overloading is bound to be scrapped.Pay attention to these points, your electric car lithium battery in five or six years is no problem.